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What to consider when choosing kitchen handles


Hardware may be one of the last things to be fitted, but as self-confessed sticklers for detail, we firmly believe it's no less important for a project than the big decisions. Here's our advice on what to think about and how to get it right.


Don't be afraid to think slightly out of the box when it comes to style of hardware. Shaker-style doors don't always need to have traditional handles for example - a more contemporary brass knob or pull-bar can give a slightly more modern, fresh look. Meanwhile, contemporary flush doors are essentially a blank canvas, so you really have carte blanche to choose more daring shapes and colours. Check out our Instagram feed for inspiration and to see how our clients have used them.

Material and finishes

As with style and colour, the materials and finish you choose will be determined by the look and feel you want to create in your space. Powder coated and stainless steel designs lend themselves to clean, modern or minimalist styles, whereas brushed brass handles will bring warmth to a space and elevate the simplest of cabinetry. For extra tactility and a lived-in look, go for natural (uncoated) brass, which will gently age over time with use. We really love the way brass develops this patina as we think it adds character and depth.

When going for metallic finishes, make sure you're choosing high quality materials such as solid brass or stainless steel to ensure your hardware is durable and long-lasting. All our handles are made from solid, high quality metals (naturally), and we also offer a refinishing service to ensure your hardware lasts for decades to come.


Hardware opens up a world of opportunity for adding a bit of colour and flair to a plain kitchen as handles can be swapped so quickly and easily and can make a big impact on a tight budget.

A bold, contrasting knob or handle works wonders to lift white or grey units - some of our clients use a mix of shades in their spaces and we love seeing the different combinations they choose. For a more harmonious scheme, pick up on shades already in the space - think tiles, worktops, art... Our Hobson and Meteor knobs come in a spectrum of shades and we also offer a bespoke colour service on selected designs.

Knobs or pulls?

Deciding whether to use knobs or pulls/bars all comes down to the type of door you'll be using it on. We usually suggest to our clients that knobs are best for overhead and hinged cupboard doors that aren't too heavy or large, whereas pulls and bars are better suited for integrated appliance doors, extra long drawers or heavier, soft-close doors. That said, chunkier knobs, such as our Hobson knobs, are really versatile and can easily be used on soft-close doors and drawers too. 


Think about how you'll be using the cupboard or drawer and how you'll be moving around the space to determine the best positioning for your handles. Is a vertical or horizontal mounting easier to grab for certain doors? What's a comfortable height for your hand to reach? Do you usually approach that door from a certain direction or have your handles full when opening it? They needn't all be orientated the same way, in our opinion.

We're happy to share advice and send returnable samples to help you make your decision - contact us at to discuss your project.

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