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For 10% off orders over £150 use code SPEND150 at checkout
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Buy better, buy once: why our handles will last for years to come


The longest lasting option is always the most sustainable option. Creating timeless products that will endure for many years to come is central to our ethos.

Our hardware is made from high quality, solid materials - you'll never find handles with a brass or steel 'effect' on our product pages. Our brass is Naval brass - a grade of material specifically suited to marine environments that tarnishes much slower than standard domestic grades - while the stainless steel we use is a grade known for its excellent corrosion resistance and is commonly used in commercial kitchens.

We think it's worth investing in better materials because it results in not only more beautiful designs, but it ensures they stand up to daily use over time - and allows them be refinished or repaired if needed, rather than discarded.

We offer a refinishing and repair service on our brass and stainless steel handles so that they can be used and loved for as long as possible. From sanding out scratches to freshening up the finish and re-applying protective clear coat, our products can be made to look brand new. Prices start at £1 per piece for our knobs and £2.50 per piece for handles and larger hardware - contact us for more information.

And if you ever tire of your handles or feel like a change, we're happy to buy back our designs (condition depending) or offer part exchange, so that we can rehome them with someone else - another step we're taking to ensure our handles never end up in landfill.

 Contact us at for more information or read more about our sustainability policy.

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