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How to choose the right handles for your kitchen


Before you decide on your kitchen hardware, it's a good idea to consider the function and design of your drawers, cupboards and cabinets. Do you have soft-close doors? Are the drawers filled with heavy pots and pans? 

This short guide will help you choose the best Swarf hardware designs for your space.

Best for fridges, dishwashers and heavy cupboard doors

Myford handle in brass

For doors that require a good pull to open them, such as fridge doors, we recommend our large Myford handle. Super sturdy and easy to grab, this is one of the first handles we designed and is one of our favourites. We can also make the Myford to bespoke dimensions – we can make the bar longer, wider or to fit existing holes in doors if you are replacing old handles.

Another option is our Zyto handle, which has the same size bases but a zig-zag bar. Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more.


Best for soft-close drawers or heavy drawers

Our Hobson knob is a good all-rounder and works on a variety of different doors. We recommend using it for heavy or soft-close drawers – at home we use it on the drawer that has all the pots and pans in. 

Our Long Edwards edge pulls are designed specifically for drawers and can be fixed horizontally or vertically if used for cupboards. It has a generous bend that gives a comfortable grip and good purchase and gently curved edges (great for young families).

Alternatively, our Chipmaster and Colchester handles are good for heavier cupboards and drawers, as the bar gives a little extra grip. On our own kitchen, we've used the Chipmaster on the drawer that contains the bin, as you can hook your finger around it to pull it open when you've got your hands full. These handles are designed to work with the Myford handle (above), so you can mix and match them according to how you use your cupboards.

Best for high cupboards or other storage furniture

Another great all-rounder, our Meteor knob is smaller than than the Hobson, but still gives good purchase. It works well on high wall-mounted cupboards or on regular drawers and cabinet doors. We also see a lot of customers using this design on other storage around the home – on sideboards, media units, bedroom furniture etc. Meteor comes in a large variety of materials and finishes including brass, stainless steel, and power-coated colours.

 Best for making a statement

We believe that hardware can be bold and playful as well as functional, so we've created a series of designs that are a little different to your run-of-the-mill handles. The Milnes design features a bent, u-shaped bar, which means it's easy to use, but also fun to look at. It's great for adding a statement to your cupboards, and it also ties in with the Myford, Chipmaster and Colchester designs, so you can have fun playing around with different combinations.

The Zyto and Holmes handles and Symbols series are similarly interesting. For something really special, we can also make these in bespoke colours and sizes, so contact us if you have something in mind.

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