Care guide

Brass and copper

When left untreated, brass will turn a rich golden colour within hours of the manufacturing process finishing (while copper will develop a rich bronze colour). This develops more of a patination with years of use, reflecting how you touch and use the handle (see image below). It can be restored to a bright finish again with many standard brass cleaners (Brasso, for example). If you would prefer your handles to remain bright, we offer an invisible clear-coated option.

For general cleaning it is best to avoid using strong or undiluted cleaners. If you are using a metal polish, ensure all residue is removed with warm soapy water. 

We can also offer a refinishing service to make your handles look as good as new again. Please contact us for more information and prices.

tarnished copper example 

Powder coated

A powder-coated finish is very durable, but not indestructible. It will last many years provided it doesn't become chipped from accidental damage. It is best to avoid strong undiluted cleaners and simply use warm soapy water, as you would for the rest of your kitchen cupboards.