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For 10% off orders over £150 use code SPEND150 at checkout
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Installation Guide

This is a guide for installing your Swarf hardware as either a handle or a hook. 

When bought from the Conran shop, Hobsons and Meteors will come with two different sets of fixings that allow your hardware to be used either as handles of hooks:

- Screws and allen key for mounting to a cupboard for use as a handle

- Wood-to-metal screws to allow the hardware to be fixed directly to a wall or door for use as a hook

Handle installation

To use Meteors and Hobsons as handles, use the 5mm screws provided. They will require a 5mm hole drilled through the cupboard door. Measure twice and double check you're happy with the position, marking with a pencil and using a centre punch to mark the hole before drilling. It also helps to hold a piece of scrap wood on the back of the door as you drill through from the front. This prevents the drill bit breaking away large chips at the back of the door as it comes through – careful to keep your fingers out of the way for obvious reasons!   

Use the allen key provided to tighten up the screw from the inside of the cupboard door.

NB - Use this method for Chipmaster and Colchester handles.

Hook installation

To use your Meteors and Hobsons as hooks, they will need to be fixed with a wood-to-metal screw dowel. Simply wind the metal end into the back of the hook as far as it will go, leaving the wood screw end protruding ready to screw into the wall or door. We advise customers to use the appropriate raw plug for their mounting surface to ensure the hook remains fixed securely. Do not exceed 2kg of load.