Earl of East x Swarf incense holder
Easrl of East x Swarf limited edition brass incense holder
Earl of East x Swarf Incense Holder
swarf x earl of east incence holder with Sandalwood

Earl of East x Swarf Incense Holder

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Solid brass incense holder in collaboration with East London home scent brand Earl of East.

A simple yet pleasing design, each incense burner is made with precision and finished by hand. A milled groove runs down the centre of the piece to catch the ash, while the hole that holds the incense has been machined at exactly the right angle to prevent the stick from overshooting the end of the brass. Protected with an invisible clear-coat to prevent tarnishing.

Sold with a pack of six hand-rolled Sandalwood incense sticks (shown in last image). Each stick is slow burning and lasts for 45-60 minutes.

A limited production run, each one has its edition number stamped on the base.